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Dr. John P Cole | Global Medical Director. American & Global Leader in Hair Restoration since 1990.

What is Kaloni?

We are a Medical Center based in México specialized in hair restoration. Our commitment to our patients is provide them the best results in hair restoration, top-quality service and costs adapted to their needs. Our international recognition is due to our innovation capabilities and the perfectioning of our exclusive FUE hair transplant technique. 

Our founder Dr. Ariel Díaz and Global director Dr. Jhon P. Cole, are active members of the most important hair restoration institutions in the world: The ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), ESHRS (European Association of Hair Restoration Surgery) and AAHRS (Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons). Also, we are recognized by the Medical Tourism Association, The Mexican Association of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (AMCPER).

Natural-looking and long-lasting results

The hair follicles are manipulated with an unbeatable expertise.

Hair restoration is not a new thing for us!

We are the most experienced clinic in México and Latinoamerica.

Top hair restoration technology

Using cutting-edge technology in all the process.

No scars and minimum pain.

Due to lack of the scalpel, our technique leaves barely visible scars and limited pain.

Top quality service

We create a comfortable clinic, so you can rest, watch movies, browse the web, or just listen to your music while you are in the procedure.

Products for hair loss

We created a line of unique bio-smart products that helps in hair maintenance.

This patient Norwood 3A received a total of 2701 grafts in 4 procedures.

You can add more hair as your budget allows and obtain a full appearance gradually.

This patient underwent a two-day shaven-CIT procedure.

We transplanted 2,588 grafts and subsequently removed 25 pluggy grafts, redistributing them for a more natural look.

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Obtain the look you deserve with best results and better price in Mexico.

Hair restoration in Cancún

Cancun is the most widely recognized Mexican tourist destination. It is located on the northeast coast of the state of Quintana Roo, and its beauty, landscape, beaches and biodiversity, make it one of the most modern and important cities in Latin America. Cancun is the place that has it all: pre-Hispanic ruins, luxurious hotels, gastronomic quality, shopping malls, amazing shows and beaches that make you feel you are in paradise.

Stunning landscapes

No matter what your expectations are, its wonderful beaches, Mayan environment, museums, nightlife, relaxation, sports activities and markets full of color and folklore, will make you want to feel like no other place in the world.

Millenial culture

You will fall in love with its history and culture. Some of the favorite places are Tulum, Xcaret, Xel-ha (the world's largest natural aquarium) and Chichen Itzá, one of the modern wonders of the world.

A lot to do

México is surrounded by many ancient places and attractions, which, due to their proximity, will prove irresistible to visit.

Our location

Our clinic is located next to Plaza Las Americas mall, and just a few minutes from the Zona Hotelera. This makes it easy for you to take a break and visit the main tourist attractions in the area, or visit the shops, restaurants and cinemas in the shopping mall.

City transfers and communication

Transportation is not a problem. Even from your own hotel or wherever you are, you'll find your way.

Where’s the clinic?

Kaloni Cancún

Infrastructure and quality services

Cancun's development offers a combination of uses intended for the hotel, commercial and residential zones, with infrastructure and services that fulfill the greatest standards of quality and design for diverse activities like diving in natural settings, deep-sea fishing or extreme sports; additionally it is certified as a High Level Destination by the WTO (World Tourism Organization).

Entertainment zones

In Cancun you can find a wide range of options in terms of entertainment. From small cafes where you can enjoy a refreshing drink, to world-renowned restaurants; If what you want is a nightlife experience, you will discover bars and discos with top level shows and shopping malls with lighted guitars or action heroes.

We can help with your trip.

We help you to start a new begining.

Injerto capilar en Tijuana

Tijuana es uno de los lugares más importantes del norte de México debido a que es la ciudad fronteriza más visitada en el mundo. Comparte 24 km de longitud con San Diego, centro económico del estado de California, en los Estados Unidos.


Tijuana es sede de numerosas empresas internacionales, por lo que se trata de una nueva y creciente meca cultural.​

Ciudad con la mejor gastronomía urbana

La comida tradicional de Tijuana tiene gran diversidad debido a la mezcla de culturas y alberga la mejor gastronomía urbana en la que destacan tacos de mariscos, de carne asada, de camarón enchilado, de hongo portobello, de pulpo a las brasas, tostadas de lenguado en salsa de calamar, entre otros.

Avenida Revolución, viva de día y de noche

Se encuentran lugares para disfrutar música salsa, rock, banda, cumbia, duranguense, entre otros, pero también sitios turísticos como el Museo de Cera de Tijuana o el reloj monumental, mejor conocido como El Arco.

El mar cerca de ti

Las playas de Tijuana son una parada obligatoria, ya que son el escenario de eventos sociales y culturales en el malecón, sin dejar de mencionar la maravillosa vista que se genera durante el atardecer.

Tijuana, centro cultural y comercial

La clínica Kaloni se encuentra en el edificio Vía Corporativo, ubicada en Misión de San Javier 10643-Interior 101, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C.

En la Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana viven unas 2,090 personas con una edad promedio de 29 años. Operan también cerca de 3,000 establecimientos, que emplean alrededor de 2867 familias.

Monumentos que reflejan historia, modernidad y progreso

En Tijuana se encuentran las Torres de Agua Caliente, construcciones que representan la modernidad, También el Centro Cultural Tijuana, recinto que refleja el desarrollo de la ciudad y el kiosco del parque Teniente Guerrero, que recuerda la tradición popular.

Where’s the clinic?

Comunicación y transporte en cada rincón de Tijuana

Tijuana es una ciudad grande en la que están repartidos varios puntos turísticos y playas. Por esta razón es que, dependiendo del viaje que se busque hacer, se recomienda alquilar un coche para poder moverse con libertad, tomar taxis o el transporte público.

Restaurantes, bares y todo lo que se necesita para hacer única la visita

El primer consejo es visitar los restaurantes con variedad culinaria, así como asistir a antros, tabla, dances, bares y pubs.

La mayoría comienzan sus actividades desde las 8:00 pm y cierran hasta la madrugada.

We can help with your trip.

We help you to start a new begining.

Hair restoration in México City

Mexico city is full of culture, gastronomy and beautiful landscapes and cities full of history. It has 37 sites (and it’s gastronomy) that are amongst the World Heritage Sites. Three thousand years of history; 40 thousand archaeological sites; more than 62 native groups and dialects and 174 protected natural areas, to mention some of its impressive characteristics.


Its population is known for its warmth and color, always active and witty, and used to receiving visitors and tourists as part of their daily life. Mexico is very well prepared and has the infrastructure to be a great host offering excellent service.

Thousands of typical dishes for every taste

The gastronomy in Mexico is famous for its rich and varied dishes especially for the diversity of products that allows to season the dishes with intense flavors. The main Mexican dishes are usually accompanied by traditional Mexican sauces (either spicy or with softer ingredients), a delight for demanding palates. The meat, both cow and chicken are very recurrent, as well as the beans and tortillas.

Vibrant nightlife all around

The nightlife is as diverse as it is attractive. It is full of luxurious bars, modern places to dance and listen to music or rustic bars to listen to traditional Mexican music.

All the luxury a few minutes away from us

Santa Fe has a lot of commercial activity, it has malls like Centro Santa Fe, which because of its size is an important tourist attraction of the area. Other of these malls are Zentrika, Samara and Garden Santa Fe, the first sustainable mall of the zone with of 35 meters of depth.

Santa fe, a modern city within a classic one

Santa Fe is one of the most important and modern urban development areas of Mexico City. It was born with the idea of turning the old garbage dumps of the city into a place that resembles the modern La Défense area in Paris, located west of Paris, France.

Located in the western area of the city, Santa Fe unites the financial power through a scheme applied in cities of the United States and Europe. There are located the offices of the most important international companies that are present in the country.

Comunication and transportation for every part of the city.

In this side of the city, movement is not a problem. Even from your own hotel you can find inmediate transportation. Want to go downtown? To another state? No problem, you can find every option possible.

Where’s the clinic?

High buildings and high class services.

Santa Fe is distinguished by the architecture of its emblematic buildings such as Torre Arcos Bosques, popularly known as “El Pantalón” ("The Pants"); The Torre Arcos II and the Calakmul Set, also known as “La Lavadora” ("The Washing Machine"). But this area also stands out for its world-class services that enrich those who receive it.

Restaurants, bars, all you can ask for, close to your hotel.

In Santa Fe it’s possible to find the most exquisite flavors of Mexico and the world thanks to the large number of modern restaurants and bars that exist, designed so you don’t need to leve the area.

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Medical tourism is traveling abroad to a specific destination to obtain certain medical procedures with quality, but a better price. US citizens have an excellent opportunity to seek top quality procedures outside the US, where they can recover in anonymity, beautiful beaches and comfortable hotels.

The medical procedures in Mexico cost 60 to 80 percent less than the same procedures made in the US. This cost differential enables you the opportunity also to have a vacation in a beautiful beach and make your recovering in a magnificent hotel.

Absolutely not. At KALONI, quality is the most important value and affordability is a bonus. Our goal is to provide you the best-looking result in your hair.

In Kaloni we will do all that we can to insure that you are comfortable. Hair restoration surgery is a safe procedure. We have the most advanced and up-to-date world-class medical technology and highly trained human resources. We adhere to the strictest protocols in sterilization.
Our team of physicians monitor every detail of the procedure. The care provided also complies with international standards, quality and service by the medical staff and team of nurses. Unlike most clinics, we offer hyperbaric chambers to oxygenate your transplant grafts following your procedure.

Kaloni and Dr. Cole have patients travel from all over to the world to his office routinely. The primary concern is the proper performance of your high quality procedure. One can safely arrive the day before a procedure and leave the same day, but we encourage you to take advantage of your time in Mexico. Have a nice holiday before your procedure or a vacation after your procedure. We do encourage all patients to visit us the day following their procedure for a check-up. However, when your procedure is performed properly, you can depart the next day safely with confidence.

With a hair transplant, you can safely depart the next day. However, should you bring a significant other for personal improvement, the time depends on your companions selected procedure. Furthermore, you may elect to have more than one procedure since we are a full service plastic surgery center. Your doctor will advise you on the length of stay in the hospital in your initial pre-travel quotation.

We will arrange transportation from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the clinic. We will also assist with the management of meals and basic needs during the time of your procedure. Following your procedure, we will provide transportation to the airport.

The staff is prepared to assist all visitors with tours, transfers, local entertainment, and shopping.

Kaloni Mexico City

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Kaloni Cancún

There's a place of point of no return. The aesthetic paradise.


The best way to get a better image about yourself.

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